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Are you looking for the perfect soft bait fishing lure for your next outing? Look no further than GW Admiral's Custom Lures and More! We are a family business based in Lynchburg, Virginia, with the expertise and craftsmanship to provide quality fishing lures to our customers.

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Handcrafted Excellence: Elevate Your Fishing Game

If you're an aspiring fisherman from Lynchburg or anywhere in the continental US, we're here to serve you. We offer a variety of custom-made lures for freshwater fishing. We've been fishing for over 40 years, honing our skills to help ensure that each lure is built to perform.

GW Admiral's Custom Lures and More is ...

Supporting Each Other

Fishing with Purpose

10% of Your Purchase Goes to Hunters for the Hungry

We are proud to support Hunters for the Hungry. We believe in giving back to our community and to someone that might need a lift. Life is tough sometimes and we all need to pitch in and help!
That's why we donate 10% of our proceeds to support the mission of Hunters for the Hungry. With every purchase you make, you're not only getting high-quality custom lures but also making a positive impact on the lives of people. Together, we can show what true outdoors men and women are all about!


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